'Every winner has to have that magic moment'

With three minutes remaining in Athens, and our Europa League campaign set to end prematurely, we scored a dramatic late winner to seal our place in the last-16.

But just how pivotal could Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's goal against Benfica prove to be?

"Hopefully for us and the players it will generate belief," Mikel Arteta said. "We know that in this competition we're going to go through difficult patches, be it a moment in a game, a whole game or something unpredictable that happens. You have to be able to react to it.

"All the winners in European competition have to have a magic moment, a moment of luck, have to be able to overcome difficult situations. We did it last night and in a convincing way as well because I could see the players were ready to fight and they never looked disappointed, even after the way we conceded the second goal. That gives me hope.

"It's a good experience to have together. Hopefully we can use it for the future in the next games.

"If you want to win competitions, you need that. When we beat Manchester City and Chelsea to win the FA Cup final, when we beat Liverpool to win the Community Shield, you need those moments in the game.

"Someone to produce those moments of something unexpected and then to minimise the individual errors that can lead to goals. If you have those two things, I think you're in a much better position to win something."

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