Eidevall: We can't expect more from our supporters

Jonas Eidevall was frustrated not to reward our record-breaking crowd with a win at Emirates Stadium on Sunday. 

54,115 were in attendance to cheer the team on, but we slipped to a 1-0 defeat on the opening day of the season after a second-half goal from Miri Taylor. 

“The only thing that is really disappointing today about setting the new WSL record attendance is that we didn’t perform better or get a better result to reward them”, said our head coach after the final whistle. 

“They were giving us absolutely everything during the game. They were magnificent, the energy that they gave and how they pushed on. We can’t expect anything more.” 

We created a number of promising chances, but were unable to find the back of the net and as the game progressed, Liverpool were able to disrupt our play more and more. 

“I think the first half we were very much in control and we need to do more with the situations that we created in the final third. Then the second half very much sets the tone of us conceding a goal early on and from there on we were struggling to generate any kind of momentum into that half. 

“It was very much an unrhythmic game, the ball is out of play a lot and we don’t create situations upon each other which can create that necessary momentum and create that necessary disorganisation in the opposing team, so they get set after each situation and that frustrates me and I’m disappointed with that. We should be able to do better than that. 

“Corners are a great opportunity (to score) and of course when you have 19 corners it’s also about what you do after the corner. How do you keep the ball in play? How do you generate situations after that so that it doesn’t go from one dead ball situation to another dead ball situation, so you keep the game a little bit more alive and flowing and you’re making them make the decisions in their defensive organisation. I think they got a lot of time to reset their organisation, especially on their set pieces and we created too many of those for them in the second half.” 

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