Eidevall: “Invest your time in us"

Speaking after our 5-1 win over Lyon, Jonas Eidevall called our performance the best he's seen from his side to date. 

Over the course of the 90 minutes, our Gunners delivered a faultless tactical display, carving open the defending champions on their home turf. 

“I think it's the best performance that I've seen the team give, both on and off the ball. The belief and the quality that we had in the game plan was very, very high, so I'm really proud of the players.”

“We were very efficient in the game, we were effective,” our manager continued. “But we’ve worked so hard to get those margins. We won so many balls in dangerous areas but we also moved the ball very well out from the back under pressure and waited for the right moments to go in behind. So all the goals have a special place in my mind.”

Eidevall also credited our relentless press and dedication to challenge for every ball regardless of position of the pitch, with having a key impact: “You could feel that we had a very connected team out there on the pitch, who were determined to live every situation together.

“They knew not to be passive, but to travel together and be really compact in the areas we wanted to be in. That requires some bravery; it requires not being able to cover some other areas of the pitch but the payoff was huge.”

“It depends on the opponents’ shape, but a lot of time, we can look like a four-two-four when we are pressing, especially a little bit higher up on the pitch. Frida [Maanum] had a role tonight that required a lot of running, a lot of scanning, a lot of preparation and focus and discipline, and she carried herself very well.”

This trip to Lyon was only Maanum’s first start this season but her assured and electric performance in the number 10 position was one of a seasoned veteran.

Frida Maanum celebrates with Beth Mead and Caitlin Foord

“We spoke before about the Ajax away game, with Lotte being able to come off the bench and putting on a huge performance. I would say the same thing with Frida: she practised so well, trained so hard and prepared so well for when this opportunity would come. I'm so happy for those players because they have been doing a lot of work that people haven't seen. It's so nice when they play and get to see the rewards.”

Eidevall and the side already have their sights set back on the WSL and their next test: away at Liverpool on Sunday afternoon. 

“We're not entitled to anything. You always have to put in the work and it starts with preparation. Now, we need to prepare for Liverpool. That's gonna require a huge performance from us in order to get the result there. So now it starts: refresh, recover, prepare, and then we have to do all that over again. You get nothing for free in football. We need to put in the work again and again and again.”

When asked if he had a message for the fans who were thinking of joining us at the Emirates for our home group games, Eidevall had this to say: “Invest in us. Invest your time, invest your passion and your commitment, and we will do everything in our power to repay you for that. Together, we will create a very memorable history for the club.”

Tickets are still available for our Champions League fixtures so don’t miss your chance to cheer on our Gunners under the lights at the Emirates. 

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