'Connection with fans can be our biggest strength'

Mikel Arteta believes forging a strong connection between the team and our supporters can be "one of our biggest strengths".

With 17 games to go of the Premier League season, the boss feels that unity on and off the pitch could make all the difference this season.

"That [connection] is something in my opinion that was lost and it is one of our biggest strengths," Arteta told Arsenal Media. 

"The power, the history, the tradition that we have at this club, and as well the demands. The demands have to be there to push each of us every day to seek excellence, which is what this club demands but as well with the right support sometimes and understanding where we are. 

"You cannot compare the team here in 2000 with this team, because they are two completely different contexts, the league is different, the profile of player is different, but the aim is to be the best. 

"That is the mindset of every player here."

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