Cech - The secret is to keep challenging yourself

Petr Cech will go down in history as one of the all-time great goalkeepers.

The 37-year-old hung up his gloves at the end of the season, and says that without the right mentality he would never have reached the top.

"I think everything goes down to work," Cech told Arsenal Player. "You can have as much talent as you want, you can have so many opportunities from people around you, but if you don’t work hard and you are not prepared to take them, your career can take a completely wrong direction or never kick off. I will say everything goes down to work and love for the game. 

“You also need to keep challenging yourself and that you can learn at any age. People sometimes say, ‘He is too old to learn’. No, it is not true. 

"If you keep challenging yourself and you keep trying to get better, this is how you actually improve yourself and get better. I can tell you that at 37 years of age, at the end of my career I’m still learning and still improving every day because I actually work every day to get better. 

"I think this is the only way to have a successful career and actually make the most of it. As best as you can be, this is actually the best advantage and the best way to have a great career.” 

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