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Carter – What motivated me to sign new deal

She may already have scored an FA Cup final-winning goal and registered a hat-trick on her England debut - but Danielle Carter is not giving up on her dream of leading Arsenal to more silverware.

The England international signed a new deal on Tuesday afternoon and revealed that although she has been at the club for eight years, she's determined to ensure that the best is yet to come.

"I had a lot to think about over the summer," Carter said. "It was very much undecided up until I actually did sign. But ultimately, I want to get Arsenal back to winning ways and I really want to get us back into the Champions League and push to win that.

"For the past couple of years actually I’ve felt like a senior member. I’m the second longest-serving after Alex [Scott], so it’s a bit different having that responsibility but it’s one that I’m thriving on and I’m excited to carry on doing.

"It’s quite an honour. There’s a few original girls left, Vic’s girls I call them, or Vic’s angels! 

"It’s nice to fly the flag for Vic still and just to show the new girls the ropes at Arsenal and for them to not forget what Vic has actually done for us. It’s to educate them as well."

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