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The boss on our potential semi-final opponents

Arsène Wenger watches on during the CSKA Moscow away game
Arsène Wenger watches on during the CSKA Moscow away game

Much of the focus in Arsène Wenger’s post-match press conference on Thursday centred around who the boss would prefer to face in the Europa League semi-final.

Here’s how he answered those questions, and more:

on Friday’s draw…
Everybody speaks about Atletico Madrid, they look strongest on paper from now on, but you must recognise as well the result that Salzburg has achieved. I am from France, Marseille are in there as well which is always a difficult place to go. Maybe it's better I don’t wish for anybody and just wait for the draw tomorrow.

on whether he wants to avoid Atletico…
Ideally, they are the strongest, but let’s just play well against the team we get.

on whether Arsenal should have reached more semi-finals in the past…
It should be every year and it’s never enough, but you could see again this week in Europe you have a lot of turnarounds and you have to be focused in every game, so let’s prepare well in the semi and let’s see who we play.

on whether he is interested in Aleksandr Golovin…
I would turn it round. Golovin is a very interesting player and had an outstanding game tonight. We are not in transfer mode, I would say I could not see one bad player on CSKA Moscow tonight.

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