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Arteta on... Nelson, Kolasinac, signings and sales

Mikel Arteta

With a little over three weeks remaining of the summer transfer window, plenty of business is expected to take place still across the Premier League.

But what about at Arsenal? Mikel Arteta was asked about possible signings, potential departures and more.

This is what he told the media:

on whether we need to sell to bring in more players...
We are trying all the time to adjust the squad in the most efficient way. It is clear at the moment that it has to go both ways and in order to achieve that we still have some time but we are pretty clear in what we are trying to do.

on a deal for a new goalkeeper...
Obviously with the departure of Emi, which is a big loss and someone that I think we all wish the best to for what he has done for the football club as well as the person that he is - we have to replace him. We are looking in the market and I think we will shortly in a position to announce a new signing.

on how close that is...
I don't know, in football the hours can become days and then something that looks unlikely can happen straight away, so unfortunately I cannot tell you.

on whether he needs one or two keepers...
Well, depending on what is going to happen with our third goalkeeping position as well because we had some talks about that over the past few months so still the market is open and things can change.

on being linked to some big names in midfield...
Sorry, unfortunately I cannot talk about players that are not at our club but I appreciate the question.

on whether he's under pressure to let go of players he doesn't want to because he can't move on players that he would prefer to let go...
No. Again, with all the players that we have here, we're going to try to get the best out of them. We're going to try to improve them as much as we possibly can and create the right environment for them so that they are happy at the club, because I believe it's the most important thing for them to perform to the level that we want. After that, obviously in the market there are things that we cannot control. There are things that we can control and let's try to manage in the best possible way.

on Sead Kolasinac being linked with Leverkusen for family reasons and if it's hard to stand in a player's way in those circumstances...
I think in every case you have to try to take it individually. First of all, try to understand the reason - if that's the case - when they want to leave and why. If there are things that you can help them to change, to give them more, you have to try to maximise those options and when it comes to a point where it's obviously something that you cannot control and cannot help and it's evident and clear, then you open the door. But then it goes down to the club to decide when and how and that's a player with a contract that has to get the right value and go to the right club.

on whether he expects Sead to leave the club this window...
At the moment, I'm not expecting anyone to leave very shortly. That's where I am.

on Emi Martinez’s departure and whether it was necessary for future transfers…
Well, at the end of the day we have to find some balance between what we want to achieve with our squad and our finances - and it gets to the point where if you want to achieve certain things, you need to sacrifice others. Time will tell whether we are weaker or not and obviously the recruitment we are planning to do to try and get our second goalkeeper, they will hopefully bring a really good performance level. We can see Emi being successful at Villa and we are all happy for him.

on whether Reiss Nelson will go out on loan…
I think they all realise the competition we have in forward positions. I’ve already spoken with Reiss about it and I really like the way he’s training. I think we both agree about how much he’s improved in the last few months and he’s going to carry on pushing himself and the rest of the team. He needs to be ready because in football, unfortunately, or fortunately, things don’t take three months to change, it can take three minutes and you have to be ready when that opportunity comes.

on whether Reiss Nelson needs to be playing regularly to really progress…
I think if you ask any of those 27 players if they need to play, they will all say ‘Yes, of course. I need to play regularly and I need minutes.’ But at the moment it’s just not possible playing one game a week and with this rule of just being able to have 18 players, it’s very difficult to give everyone the same minutes - impossible.

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