Air quality monitor added to Emirates Stadium

Our air quality survey in action high up on Emirates Stadium
Our air quality survey in action high up on Emirates Stadium

All the stories and topics covered within our sustainability project are very different – yet are all connected. 

Food, travel and power are all interconnected and all combine to impact our environment, both locally and globally. Our planet is an amazing place and is fighting hard to try to save us, yet we so often treat our environment and natural resources with very little respect 

It can be difficult to visualise the impact of our actions. We have all seen the images of rainforest destruction, ice caps melting and some of the world’s magnificent animals becoming endangered or even extinct. 

We seem to be seeing more and more images of the wrath of nature with waves, wind and rain battering us, and it can all seem a million miles away from north London. But one thing that we can see, feel and even smell, is the air. 

Air pollution in our great city is being constantly monitored and we are able to see the changes in the quality of the air that we breathe. There are many factors that influence the quality of what we take into our lungs, and an ever-increasing influence on the air is us!

We have been lucky enough to have been able to participate in a local air quality survey with University College London. A chance encounter outside the stadium led to a monitor being placed high up at Emirates Stadium. This monitor was left in place for a month at the end of 2022, and was collecting air samples to find out how clean our air was. 

As part of the survey, several other locations were also positioned in the local area. It is this type of monitoring programme which will enable scientists to evaluate the exact levels of air pollution at the home of Arsenal – we will report back as soon as we have the results. 

In the meantime, we can all take steps to help reduce pollution and improve the quality of the air that we breathe. Air pollution is usually at its worst on major road routes and around our airports, so using public transport, cycling and walking whenever possible will make a real difference if we all vow to change our habits whenever possible. 

And we know plants and trees are on our side and work to clean the air, so as we start to say hello to spring, why not install a window box or hanging basket – they're attractive too! Plants are also great for cleaning air indoors, so maybe now is the time to give that wilted plant in the corner of the office a little bit of love.

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