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Ladies: Arsenal v Man City - Preview

Dominique Janssen

By Lloyd Webb

The target is clear for Dominique Janssen. 
With four games remaining of the Women’s Super League season, and a Champions League place still to fight for, the Gunners’ clash with Manchester City has plenty riding on it. 


With the wounds still sore from their Continental Cup semi-final defeat to this weekend’s visitors, Janssen says Pedro Martinez Losa’s side are more than motivated to win all of their remaining games. 

“You never know in the Women’s Super League,” she told “If you look at the last three years, it’s crazy. Anything can happen. It was a bad moment for us to lose against Manchester City in our last game. We played very well, and we lost to a poor goal.
“We just want to win all the games that are left now. There is only one goal right now, and that is to get Champions League football. It will be a tough job to do it, but as long as we win every game then at the end we can’t settle on what the other teams are doing. We know we have to get Champions League in the end. 
“That it will be really difficult, and Man City and Chelsea also both know that. It is getting very close for Man City, there are only a few games left, so it is going to be very tough. 

"We want to go on and make the most of the last four games. That’s the only thing we can do right now."

Dominique Janssen

“This season has not been easy for us, especially with the recent defeat in the Continental Cup semi-final. We want to go on and make the most of the last four games. That’s the only thing we can do right now. We just need to finish the season strong.” 

Back-to-back fixtures against the same opponents does have its benefits, and Janssen has become familiar with Manchester City's style of play.
“In their games, they know exactly what they are doing with their patterns and attacking style,” she said. “You can see on the pitch that they know what each other are doing. 
“I think they have a lot of confidence at the moment, because they haven’t lost so far. They might have a lot of confidence, and they may have beaten us the other day, but they still know that we won’t be easy to play against. 

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Online coverage will begin from 13:55 (UK time).




Dominique Janssen in action

Dominique Janssen in action



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