The Club would like to take this opportunity to explain the security issues surrounding our last match of the season which, as we all know, is our Final Salute to Highbury.

We urge all supporters to read the following very carefully, in order for everyone to enjoy the closing ceremony of our great stadium.

Highbury Closing Ceremony
The match is a normal 3pm kick-off and no special 'Final Salute' activities have been planned prior to kick-off.

However, after the final whistle of the match, many activities are being organised which will last for 90 minutes from approximately 5pm.

We don't want to spoil the surprise by revealing the full details of the closing ceremony, but supporters will be treated to many exciting activities, including a 'Legends Parade' which will represent the largest ever gathering of ex-Arsenal players; entertainment from Highbury of yesteryear; a musical element and many spectacular visual components to a level which Highbury has never seen before.

As a memento of the day, each and every supporter attending this historic match will also be given an exclusive gift from the Club.

However, in order for everyone to enjoy this special day in the Club's history, the co-operation of supporters is imperative. Therefore, please read the following very carefully:

Pitch Encroachment
Any supporter attempting to gain access to the pitch will be arrested under Section 4 of the Football (Offences) Act 1991 and will receive an automatic ban from Emirates Stadium.

Please be aware that any attempts by fans to encroach on the playing surface will lead to the Final Salute entertainment being cancelled. Don't be responsible for ruining this historic day for yourself and everyone else.

Removal of items from the stadium
Any supporter attempting to remove seats, signage, parts of the pitch, or any property belonging to Arsenal Football Club from the stadium is liable to arrest for theft and/or criminal damage and will receive an automatic ban from Emirates Stadium.
The Club would like to remind supporters they can purchase their Highbury seats, or a piece of the Highbury pitch by visiting

Thousands of historic items from Highbury will also be available to supporters, through our Highbury Auction activities over the summer. Again, for further information, please visit

Metropolitan Police - Positive Arrest Policy
The Metropolitan Police Service will be adopting a 'Positive Arrest Policy', which means that any anti-social behaviour and other criminal activity will immediately result in arrest and prosecution.

It has also been advised by the Metropolitan Police that excessive anti-social behaviour by supporters may lead to the delay or cancellation of our closing ceremony activities.

Road closures / 'Sterile Zone' around the stadium
Due to all the special activities taking place at the Highbury closing ceremony, it is necessary for the Metropolitan Police to impose one-off road closures, in order to create a 'sterile zone' around the stadium.

Access to roads immediately surrounding the stadium may be restricted to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. There will be Metropolitan Police and Arsenal Steward cordons at points around the 'sterile zone' to ensure that the area is kept safe for all visitors and residents.

The advice is clear - if you do not have a valid match ticket, do not attempt to come to the stadium.

The 'sterile zone' will be in operation until late evening on Sunday, May 7. Therefore, we ask all supporters leaving the stadium after the Closing Ceremony to vacate the area as quickly as possible.

We would like to stress that this disruption is a one-off for this special day and will not be the normal procedure for future matches at Emirates Stadium next season.

We want this historic and emotional day to stay in your memories for many years to come, and we can only achieve this through the co-operation of you - our loyal supporters.

We look forward to everyone enjoying this unique and emotional day in the life of Arsenal Football Club. 


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13 Apr 2006