My Home Town: Kristoffer Olsson

Kris Olsson

Arsenal celebrate 100 years in Islington this season so, to mark the occasion, we asked young midfielder Kristoffer Olsson to tell us about where he calls home.

What’s your home town, and where is it?
Norrkoping, in Sweden

What would you recommend to a tourist?
I’d recommend the Kolmarden zoo, the ‘Fargargarden’ and the ‘Nyaparken’.

What do you miss about it the most?
I miss my friends and family.

Where would you go with your friends in your spare time?
To have some coffee, or go shopping in the city.

What is the local food like?
It’s good! A bit like what you get in England, but with more meatballs!

Do any famous people come from your home town?
I can’t really think of any.

What’s the local football team, and is there a local ‘derby’?
The local team is IFK Norrkoping, and their derby is against Atvidabergs FF. Both of them play in the top league, the ‘Allsvenskan’.

What other sports are popular there?
Ice hockey and basketball.

Tell us one typical phrase that people say there?
“Softar du bre” (Take it easy)