Get Alexis as your Pocket Player!

As of today, you can select Alexis as your Pocket Player! 

At the Junior Gunners event Family Fun Day in August, we asked the JGs to vote for the next Pocket Player to feature in the app. The JGs had the choice between Olivier Giroud, Alexis and Granit Xhaka!

With 55% of the votes, Alexis won and can now be found in the JG app as a Pocket Player! Pocket Player lets you choose a first-team player to coach and look after in a virtual world, giving JGs insight into the life as a player.

If you haven’t already, make sure you get the JG App today. You can sign in with your Junior Gunner or digital membership details, or sign up as a new digital member!

The JG App launched on August 2 and is a fully interactive children’s app specifically for our young supporters. The app is packed with games, stats, videos and competitions so make sure you get involved.  

·  Download the app from iTunes

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