Christmas voting competition

Kieran Gibbs at last year's Christmas event

Last year we challenged Kieran Gibbs and Carl Jenkinson to decorate a Christmas tree – and we wanted you to vote for your favourite. However, this year we want your vote to decide what to challenge them in!

In the below form, you can vote for which challenge you would like to see the players do and everyone who votes has the chance to win a signed item!

We’ll pick the top challenges and film the players doing them – all will be revealed in a few videos released in December.

To find out who wins the signed items, you must watch the videos as the players will be announcing them!

You’ll need to be aged between 4 & 16 years old to vote, and either be a Junior Gunner or a Junior Digital Member. And remember, you can only vote once! Also, don’t forget to get consent from your parent/guardian before you enter!

Click here for terms and conditions

Sorry this competition is now closed