San Antonio, TX

If you are in the San Antonio area be sure to meet up with one of the newest branches of Arsenal America!



Group name: Alamo City Arsenal

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Home Pub: The Broadway 5050

5050 Broadway, Alamo Heights 

Facebook: Alamo Arsenal 

Twitter: @AlamoArsenal 



Year established: February 2014.

Usual turnout: Anywhere from 15 to 75 -- or more for FA Cup Final victories.

Our story: From a small and dedicated core we've quickly grown to fill the Lion & Rose on Broadway in Alamo Heights for every match. As expected for one of the largest cities in the country, we have members who hail from around the globe but all meet as one when our Gunners are playing.

Be aware if you ever visit though, in South Texas, there's a BIG difference between "Spurs" and "The Spurs."

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