Boston, MA

Our quest to meet more Arsenal supporters throughout the United States now takes us to Boston, Mass,. From humble beginnings in a college student's apartment, they have grown into one of Arsenal America's largest branches. According to founding member, Nick Lellenberg, the reason why is simple:

“At the core, being an Arsenal supporter is about living the up and downs with others who care just as much as you do and become life-long friends because of it."

Meet the fans: Boston

Group name: Boston Gooners

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Home Pub: Lir

903 Boylston St., Boston

Facebook: Boston Gooners 

Twitter: @BostonGooners 


Year established: 2009

Number of active members: "There are more than 200 dedicated supporters among our ranks."

Where we watch matches: Lir, 903 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116. (617) 778-0089

"At the beginning of 2012, the Boston Gooners moved from our original home in South Boston for a variety of reasons, with location being high on the list. We were fortunate to be welcomed to Lir, an Irish pub in the heart of Boston's Back Bay neighborhood. Lir lies in between the Hynes Convention Center and Copley stops on the MBTA Green Line. All ages are welcome for matches.

The staff at Lir are friendly and knowledgeable. We quickly built a good relationship with the entire team and we are certain this will carry over season after season."

Where our members hail from: "Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Ireland, England, and students from all over the United States. We are truly a mixture of everything imaginable, which allows us to be a very open, inviting group."

Group’s favorite Arsenal moment: "The 2011/12 campaign was one of the most exciting seasons in Premier Leauge history, featuring a variety of dramatic games. While the final match of the season proved to be one we will never forget while having our largest turnout, we must conclude that the North London Derby against Spurs in February 2012 is our favorite memory. We were all miserable sitting at the pub at 8 in the morning after going 2-0 down; heads were down, people were quiet aside from the occasional obscenities and moans, and then all was forgotten following the Sagna header and magnificent finish from van Persie. At the start of the second half we moved to the 2nd floor of the pub and everyone was huddled together. The team came out in inspired form and Boylston Street reverberated our joy as we were in full voice. Pints were had, smiles exchanged, and three points were obtained as we reminded them there's only one team in London."

Why we are Gooners: "There are always so many stories. Some grew up with it and had it passed along through their parents. Some were attracted by a specific player (eg. Thierry Henry & Bergkamp); but sometimes it is down to something as basic as Arsenal being their favorite team back in the old versions of FIFA video games.

"But at the core, being an Arsenal supporter is about living the up and downs with others who care just as much as you do and become life-long friends because of it. You discover how far a complete stranger will go for you just because you have the cannon on your shirt. For many, the people they go to matches with or watches matches with become a kind of second family.

"Our move to Back Bay proved to be a great move for the group as we continue to see new faces weekly. Lir has already become a wonderful place for Arsenal supporters in the greater Boston area to call home."

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