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Welcome to The Arsenal Ticket Exchange, where Season Ticket Holders and Members who are unable to attend a game can sell their tickets to fellow Arsenal Members.

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Buying and selling tickets on the Ticket Exchange

New for the 2023/24 season, Silver and Red Members will have the ability to buy and sell full priced tickets on the club’s Ticket Exchange. This service offers Members further flexibility should they not be able to attend a game and provides a secure and convenient platform to resell further tickets to fellow Arsenal members. 

Season Ticket Holders and Members who are unable to attend a game can make their ticket available on the Ticket Exchange once the match is sold out (subject to restrictions). 

When a ticket sells, the Member’s digital pass will be disabled for the game and the buyer's digital pass will be activated. Season Ticket Holders are not charged a fee if their their ticket sells via the Ticket Exchange service. Members are charged a 10% admin fee if their ticket sells via the Ticket Exchange service. The credit for the ticket sale (less an administrative charge for Silver/Red Members) will appear in the Member’s Cashback account and funds can be withdrawn throughout the season using the Cashback service during the monthly windows advertised below.

By selling a ticket on the Ticket Exchange, Members can earn 50 My Arsenal Rewards points. If Members post and sell their ticket on the Ticket Exchange within 24 hours of it opening, they’ll earn an additional 25 My Arsenal Rewards points. Note, the ticket must be sold for points to be allocated.

Season Ticket Holders who post their seat on the Ticket Exchange earn an attendance stamp towards:

· Minimum Seat Utilisation requirement whereby Season Ticket Holders must attend a minimum number of games across a season.

· Earning Attendance Trophies - meaning they could gain priority access to cup final tickets

Disability Access Members

Disability Access members who wish to list their tickets on our Ticket Exchange or you would like to transfer your tickets to friends or family members, please see all information for DA members here. The Disability Liaison Team can be contacted by calling 0207 619 5000 (Option 2).

Family Enclosure

If you would like to post your ticket(s) on the Ticket Exchange, then please click on the link below.

Ticket Exchange in the Family Enclosure

The Cashback Service

The Cashback service will be available throughout each season during monthly Cashback windows. 

Cashback provides a way of reimbursing Members who have accrued monies via Ticket Exchange. Members can withdraw their funds directly into their bank account during the designated Cashback windows. Please note, this service is only available for UK bank account holders only. Members based overseas are able to complete a form to request the withdrawal of any funds.

Please see 23/24 cash back windows below: 

August 2023

Monday 21 August, 10am

Friday 25 August, 5pm

September 2023

Monday 25 September, 10am

Friday 29 September, 5pm

October 2023

Monday 23 October, 10am

Friday 27 October, 5pm

November 2023

Monday 27 November, 10am

Friday 1 December, 5pm

December 2023

Monday 18 December, 10am

Friday 22 December, 5pm

January 2024



February 2024



March 2024 (Excluding Platinum Members)



April 2024 (Excluding Platinum Members)



May 2024 (Excluding Gold Members)



June 2024 (Excluding Gold Members)



July 2024




Please note all windows are subject to change.

Please be reminded that funds will clear into your account after a minimum of 10 working days has passed from when the Cashback service has closed. Members based outside of the UK should allow 21 working days.

If you submit incorrect details, the funds will return to your account to be withdrawn at a future window. 

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