Rwanda Arsenal Supporters Club

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This a group of Arsenal FC supporters with the Headquarters in the city of Kigali.

So far, RASC has up to 1200 members scattered across Rwanda territory. They have an objective of reaching out to more Arsenal funs and supporters located in different corners of the country. 

They have opened their branches in two provinces:

1. Sounther Province with an office in Huye District,
2. Eastern province with an office in Kayonza District
There are plans to open more branches in North and Western provinces. 

RASC undertakes several activities that gathers their members with the main focus of get more closer to each other and promote mutual support. 

These activities include but not limited to:

1. General Community work,
2. Sports for all and organization of friendly matches with other veteran soccer team,
3. Visit of tourism attraction venues in Rwanda,
4. Watching live Arsenal FC matches in specific locations,
5. Charity and Social support activities 
6. Annual General Meeting that gathers all members from all corners of Rwanda.

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