Wubben-Moy thanks supporters for inspiring NLD win

After ensuring she'd thanked every supporter waiting on the sidelines, Lotte Wubben-Moy caught up with us pitchside to reflect on completing the double against Tottenham.

"Not too long ago, 10-12 years ago, I was one of them," she said, reflecting on the incredible away support. "So I understand how much it means when you give a bit of time and we don't win these games without their support. You could hear them for the full 90 minutes. I think they were louder than the home team support. So it was a lovely day all in all.

"The girls have been unbelievable. On form, taking their chances and not just taking chances, but finishing some beautiful shots off. We're playing on fire at the moment and it's beautiful." 

Next up is the second leg of our UEFA Women's Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich and with this huge derby day win under our belt, Wubben-Moy 

"We're still in that tie. I think we very much look at the next leg as something that we can go all in for. And particularly coming into a game like this, it gives you energy. I think the assumption is that it takes away from you. But in reality, we scored five goals today, and I think we're all just buzzing and ready to get going again.

As we've seen through her work with the Lionesses over the summer and the Let Girls Play campaign, Wubben-Moy has devoted a great deal of time and care to ensure a legacy for women's football in the wake of Euro 2022. To Lotte, Women's Football Weekend is just the beginning. 

"I think it's extremely important in many ways. There are various ways to do it. One of them is selling out a stadium. The next is getting girls in school playing football. I think as much as we're visible, as much as we're banging the drum for more equality and for better standards, that helps as well.

"But I think in the future, you'll see that it's not just a weekend, it's a year that we appreciate women's football and that we give it the plaudits it deserves. I think as you saw today, the quality is there, the product is there. Come and get it."

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