Wright - My favourite moment in an Arsenal shirt

Ian Wright equals goals - and lots of them.

But which was his favourite - and what was his best moment in an Arsenal shirt?

"My debut goal," Wright told Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alex Lacazette in our exclusive interview filmed in February. "Obviously the Premier League when I finally got to lift it, but I think the first goal [was my favourite] simply because of the pressure.

"When I came from Crystal Palace, people were saying why are we buying him, we’re scoring goals? And it was a lot of money at the time.

"I had to play against Leicester and they were booing me, the Leicester fans were booing, so what happened is I slipped, but then I got up and then… then I started going like this to the crowd! Then Michael Thomas stopped me because he said you can’t do that at Arsenal! If you do that at Arsenal, you get in trouble.

"I didn’t know I was playing until that afternoon, then when he said I was playing, we were playing in this kit (the bruised banana), but I always wanted to play in the red kit, so when he said I was playing, I was so nervous man."


Ian Wright's very first interview as an Arsenal player

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