Why humility was central to Cech's success

Petr Cech may have achieved more than any other goalkeeper in Premier League history - but he always knew the importance of humility.

The former Czech Republic international sat down with Arsenal Media to reflect on his career - and said one of the biggest secrets is to earn the respect of those around you.

"If you are down to earth, you work hard for yourself and the team, then you are the guy who gives people confidence and people generally like you," Cech said. 

"It brings probably brings the most out of you and out of your team-mates. In the moment you need their help, people will actually help you. I think sometimes we underestimate that. 

"In the moments when you career is going great and everybody is telling you how great you are, you need to keep your feet on the ground, actually keep working the same way and keeping working the same basics because this is the only way to be successful. 

"As I said, the aim is to have people around you who will believe in you and trust you."


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