Wenger - Why it was so emotional for me

Arsene Wenger has experienced every up and down in a long career in football, but Sunday’s game was still an emotionally-charged occasion for him.

Taking charge of the team for the first time since the announcement that he’s leaving us in the summer, the boss put aside those distractions to oversee a 4-1 win against West Ham United.

But the extra attention was inevitable and he says it’s impossible not to be affected by the prospect of leaving a club he’s graced for nearly 22 years.

“It was very emotional, but as I’ve said many times to be professional is always to prioritise your job and what is demanded of you even when it is emotionally not so easy,” he told “I have enough experience and desire to win to do that.

“In what way you do not spend 22 years of your life for every single day with maximum energy for the cause, and you walk away blowing your whistle? Of course, I dedicated my life to this club and I’m not scared to say that. Sometimes certainly in excess, but at the end of the day that’s how I am and in my next job I think I’ll be the same again.

“But I thank the fans very much [for their support] because when our fans are happy, I’m happy as well. I’m even ready to suffer to make them happy, so if I can be a little bit happy as well and we can be happy together, it’s even better.”

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