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Wenger - The biggest danger in the Europa draw

We’ll face one of the following seven teams in the quarter-finals of the Europa League: Atletico Madrid, Marseille, Lazio, Sporting Lisbon, RB Leipzig, Salzburg or CSKA Moscow.

Arsene Wenger and the players will be ready for anyone, but who looks the strongest?

“Maybe the team who is the biggest favourite is Atletico Madrid,” replied the boss. “But anyway, what I like doesn’t matter too much because I have no influence on it.

“We have to wait for tomorrow [Friday] and see who we get. If we get Atletico Madrid, we get Atletico Madrid. We have now some time to recover and prepare for it.

“Overall I’m convinced that the team is strong and healthy. We recovered from [the League Cup final] and hopefully we have to focus on something important now.

“It’s difficult to do well in the league and in the Europa League. There’s a statistic that has come out which shows that in all the big five leagues, the teams who play in the Europa League struggle.”

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