‘We can surprise opponents with our formations'

Dominique Bloodworth

Dominique Bloodworth started at the heart of our defence on Sunday as we ran out 6-0 winners over Reading.

Joe Montemurro fielded a three at the back formation - and Bloodworth delivered a faultless performance to guide us to our fourth clean sheet of the Women’s Super League season so far. 

We spoke to the Netherlands international after the final whistle - and this is what she said:

on the team’s performance…
I didn’t know that Reading had only conceded once, but I think it’s good that we scored so early and we set up in a different formation this time. We knew how we could defeat them and I think it showed on the pitch just how effective the system was today.

on the thought process behind playing three at the back…
They play very aggressive and have a certain way of playing and pressing, so we thought that this way we could open up spaces, especially on the sides. The full backs had a lot of time and I think in the centre we had some good time as well, so I think we exploited the right areas.

on having the ability to play in a number of systems…
I think it’s good because now we can surprise opponents because I heard they were preparing for four at the back and we completely played different, so the whole preparation will be different if you know how we’re going to play. It’s good that we have different ways that we can play and as long as we can play our own football, that’s all that matters.

on the midfield stepping up in Little’s absence…
It’s really good. Everyone is in good form and we’ve got great team spirit at the moment, so that way we can try to fill the gap that Kim’s left. Everyone is ready to go and everyone’s excited to play, so even if we lose good players we have players that are ready to step up and carry out the game plan.

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