Press conference

'Tierney is a joy of a kid, willing to do more'

Kieran Tierney's popularity among Arsenal fans continues to grow by the day - and our head coach is a huge admirer too.

Mikel Arteta was asked about him in Monday's press conference, and showered the Scotland international with praise after an outstanding display at Wembley.
"I think I can talk for all the staff when I say we are delighted with him," he said.
"He's a joy of a kid. He's always willing to do more, he always wants to train harder, he wants to push himself more. He had some difficult moments since he joined but hopefully he feels [settled].
"We really like him and we really support him. I really appreciate everything he's done since we joined. For me, he's a player who is a really good role model for any other player in the squad."

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