'Social's only amazing when used in the right way'

With five million followers online, Hector Bellerin knows all about the benefits and pitfalls of social media.

We sat down with our right back to discuss it in the second part of a wide-ranging interview, and this is what he told Arsenal Media:

on the benefits of social media...
I think social media is a blessing and a curse. Now, people around the world have the tool and the fortune to be able to communicate with their heroes, their favourite players. It’s not just in football, it’s in film, in music. This is something that you couldn’t do 20 years ago and it’s amazing, but it’s only amazing when it’s used in the right way. When it’s used to communicate in a positive way, to communicate the right messages, to be able to interact with people that you couldn’t have spoken to before. I think that’s the great thing about social media but then there’s so many other negative things as we all know. It’s all about using it in a way in which we can influence all these people in the most positive way.