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Gold Season Tickets - Composition & Pricing

Emirates Stadium day game

Gold Season Tickets for the 2022/23 campaign give Season Ticket Holders access to 26 matches at Emirates Stadium.

The 26 games include all 19 home Premier League fixtures and the first 7 home matches in the UEFA Europa League and the Emirates FA Cup.

Please click here to see the Gold Season Ticket pricing for the 2022/23 season. 

Supporters are reminded that Carabao Cup (League Cup) fixtures are not included in a Gold Season Ticket but are available to purchase on a match-by-match basis throughout the season. Season Ticket Holders receive a priority booking period during which they can purchase their own seat, subject to availability. Ticket information will be available here.

All fixtures are subject to match categorisation. The 26 matches are predetermined as:

  • 5 x Category A
  • 10 x Category B
  • 6 x Category C
  • 2 x EL3 (UEL Knock Out) 
  • 3 x EL4 (UEL Group Stage)

The categories are assigned to each specific game throughout the season and are determined by a number of factors, including scheduling, opposition and previous levels of demand.

If the number of games in the season is less than the 26 games included in the Gold Season Ticket, supporters will receive a refund for the games that have not taken place.

If the number of games in the season exceeds 26 games because of additional cup fixtures in either the UEFA Europa League or Emirates FA Cup, Gold Season Ticket Holders will be given the choice to opt out of purchasing their seat for the additional match(es). The cost of the additional fixture will be added to their Season Ticket renewal for the following season priced at the relevant category of game.

For example, during the 2018/19 season we played 27 home matches, with the eighth cup tie being the UEFA Europa League semi-final 1st leg match against Valencia CF. As has been the case in previous seasons, Season Ticket Holders were given the choice to opt out of purchasing a ticket(s) for this additional cup match played at Emirates Stadium. For supporters who remained opted in for this fixture, the additional charge was added to their Season Ticket renewal fee for Season 2019/20.

For the 2021/22 season, we played 19 home matches and therefore, Gold Season Ticket Holders will receive a refund for the value of one category B fixture and one category C fixture. This value will be added into the Ticket Exchange account of Season Ticket Holders and can be used against their 2022/23 renewal. If Season Ticket Holders choose not to renew, this amount can be withdrawn in a cashback window following the conclusion of the renewal period.      

Please note, all men's first team competitive home fixtures are included in the Platinum (Club Level) Season Ticket. 

Details of the 2022/23 match categorisation will be listed here in due course.

To build on the fantastic atmosphere this season and to ensure every seat at Emirates Stadium is full, we’re introducing a new approach for next season whereby if a Season Ticket Holder does not utilise their seat for 10 or more fixtures, they will not be offered the opportunity to renew for the 2023/24 season.

A seat will be considered ‘utilised’ for a fixture if a Season Ticket Holder:

  • Attends in person.
  • Uses the Ticket Transfer service to transfer their ticket – provided the recipient attends the fixture.
  • Posts their ticket on Ticket Exchange (whether the ticket is sold or not).

Both Ticket Exchange and Ticket Transfer can be accessed via your Online Box Office account.

2022/23 Season Ticket Composition:


No European Competition
(e.g. 2021/22 Season)

UEFA Europa League
(e.g. 2022/23 Season)
B 10  10
Total 21  26

Additional Commentary


We played 19 home matches in 2021/22. Season ticket holders were refunded one unused category B fixture and one unused category C fixture.


We played 27 home matches in 2018/19, with the eighth cup tie being the UEFA Europa League Semi-Final 1st Leg vs. Valencia. The cost of this additional category B match was added to the 2019/20 Season ticket renewal (excluding season-ticket holders who opted out of this fixture). 


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