Revealed: The truth about KT and his Tesco bag

Usually when footballers arrive at an away ground, we see them walk off the coach clutching a designer bag containing all their belongings - but not Kieran Tierney.

The Scotland international achieved cult status among our fans - and supporters around the Premier League - when he was pictured clutching a Tesco supermarket bag ahead of our game against Sheffield United in June 2020.

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So what’s the story behind it?

“That is genuinely nothing!” Tierney told “I had dirty boots, I just put it in a Tesco bag, simple as that. 

“My friends from Scotland have all said, ‘You’ve changed’ and ‘You went big time because you used to shop in Aldi and Lidl and now you’re in Tesco!’ - so I was getting hammered by my mates. 

“Everyone thought I was being humble but my mates thought I was big time. Five pence, no problem, let’s deal with it!”

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