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Pictures: Torreira in Arsenal colours

Lucas Torreira

Lucas Torreira became our fourth signing of the summer when he joined the club from Sampdoria on Tuesday.

The Uruguayan international took part in a photoshoot at London Colney and our club photographers sent back these images:


Torreira - It’s true, I really like Verratti

Ever since he burst on to the scene, Lucas Torreira has been compared to Marco Verratti - and our new midfielder is a big fan of the PSG midfielder.

The 22-year-old spoke to Arsenal Media about similarities, and also his ambitions for the future. This is what he said:

Which players in your position do you look up to? Is Marco Verratti an inspiration for you?
I try to look up to the best players and steal something from all of them. When I am on the pitch I try to play my way and make my contribution to the team. But it is true that I really like Verratti. I spent two years in his former club Pescara and supporters compared me to him. I went on checking his style and I liked it.
This is a new start for you but also a new start for Arsenal with Unai Emery the new head coach. What excites you about this club’s potential?
I like Arsenal because it is a top team. It is a great club playing in the best league in the world. I am also excited about playing with my new teammates. I always followed Arsenal because I like Premier League crowds. Stadia are always full! Those things are a source of motivation for me. That’s why I am here today.
Which players do you know about already?
I know many Arsenal players. I had the chance to meet some of them this morning and say “hi”. I cannot wait to start training with them.
We’ll finish where we started. You told us how excited you are about playing for Arsenal. Can you look into the camera and send our fans a message?
I would like to say thanks to the fans for all the love and support they have shared on my social media. I am here today as a new Arsenal player and we’ll see each other very soon. We will enjoy this beautiful moment. I send you all a big hug.


Torreira - My journey has happened very quickly

It has been quite a journey for Lucas Torreira so far.

Still just 22, the midfielder left his native Uruguay in 2013 and went on to make his name in Europe with Pescara and Sampdoria before starring at this year's World Cup.

"It has all happened very quickly," Torreira told Arsenal Player. "I left to Italy from Uruguay when I was 17. In Italy everything went very quickly too. Reaching the top flight was my main target. 

"Then I went to Sampdoria, where I had two very good seasons. After that I had a wonderful time in the World Cup.

"I gave my life for my country and now I am getting this opportunity with Arsenal. This chance is unique, every child and every footballer dreams of making it to this kind of club. Today that chance is mine and I will try to make the most of it."


#TimeForTorreira: We announced, you reacted

Lucas Torreira

Lucas Torreira became an Arsenal player when he joined us from Sampdoria on Tuesday.

Check out the story behind our social media announcement and whether you made our favourite tweets by scrolling down this page:


'The garra charrua is inside every Uruguayan'

Having only played three times for Uruguay before the World Cup, Lucas Torreira quickly proved himself a key component of the side as they reached the quarter-finals.

The midfielder's tigerish displays were indicative of a side fired by the 'garra charrua' - a phrase used in his homeland to represent their unique spirit and tenacity.

This is what Lucas told us about what it means to him: 

When people think of Uruguay they think of the ‘garra charrua’. Can you explain to us what that means, what that represents?
It's a bit complicated to explain what the ‘garra charrua’ is. It is a way of living football, it is the way all Uruguayans grow up, it is the way we play football in our neighbourhoods. The ‘garra charrua’ is inside every Uruguayan. It is a bit difficult to explain.
Why is the ‘garra charrua’ so important to you?
Because ‘garra charrua’ means that we give all we have inside. We give all we have to our football, our jersey and our country. We do our best because every time we enter the pitch we represent our family and friends, the most important people for us.
How do you learn about the ‘garra charrua’ when you were growing up in Uruguay?
‘Garra charrua’ has been a term in vogue because in recent tournaments Uruguay has given people something to talk about. The way we beat Portugal in the last World Cup is a good example of it. That’s why they associate us with the term ‘garra charrua’.
How does ‘garra charrua’ come out when you are on the pitch?
That is something we Uruguayans have inside since we are young. It is about the way we feel football, the way we feel our shirt, the effort we put into each game. It is also about team spirit and many other aspects that exist inside the national team.
For example, when your team doesn’t have the ball, what does it take to get it back? Is that the ‘garra charrua’?
Yes, exactly. In our game against Portugal we had to suffer for a long time because we were tired. But that's when you bring out the energy you have left in order to get a victory.


Can you answer eight tricky questions on Torreira?

Lucas Torreira will become the first Uruguayan to represent us - but how much do you really know about the midfielder?

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'This represents what I am - on and off the pitch'

Lucas Torreira says the lion tattoo he's had inked on his arm "represents what I am on and off the pitch".

Our new Uruguayan midfielder believes the body art sums up many different things about him, as he explained to Arsenal Player:

You have a tattoo of a lion on your arm. Can we see it?
Yes, of course. It's this one here.
What does it represent?
I just had it done because I liked it. It’s true that a lion represents strength and the spirit we Uruguayans have inside, but I am also a tattoo lover. I liked this tattoo from the moment I saw it.
Why did you choose a lion? For the strength that it represents?
Yes, I chose it for the strength that is in it. It also represents what I am on and off the pitch and my family. This tattoo puts many things together.


Torreira - I didn't know fans tracked my flight!

Lucas Torreira is an Arsenal player at last - and he is delighted to have made the move to north London.

We sat down with him for his first interview with the club, and this is what he told us about it:

Lucas, welcome to England. How excited are you to be an Arsenal player?
Thanks a lot! I feel very happy. I want to make the most of this opportunity life has given me. I am really looking forward to starting this new adventure.
The Arsenal fans are clearly excited too - they were tracking your flight to London online! What do you think of that?
Yes, for a while I’ve been receiving loads of messages in my social media accounts. I guess it's all down to the fact there were talks of me moving to Arsenal even before the World Cup started. I am very happy and I hope I can meet all the fans very soon.
Did you know the fans were tracking your flight to London online?
No, I didn't know about it, but I am here and I will see them all soon.
How does that make you feel?
I feel calm. I am used to coping with this kind of thing in the best possible way. It's a very positive thing that people want to welcome me. It makes me feel comfortable. Now I am calm and I look forward to the future, which for sure will be very nice.
Our fans really enjoyed your performances at the World Cup - how proud are you to represent your country?
I feel very proud of it, it all turned out great for me. I wasn't part of the team during the World Cup qualifiers, but eventually I made it to the World Cup. It was marvellous to experience World Cup moments with the Uruguay squad family. I tried to enjoy the World Cup as much as I could.
Arsenal fans especially enjoyed the footage of you at the World Cup challenging Cristiano Ronaldo...
That was one of the games I enjoyed the most. We made a terrific effort against Portugal and we ended up winning the game and qualifying for the quarter-finals.
And they also liked the footage of you heading the ball on the ground!
That was a moment in the game in which I had no other choice than to head the ball on the floor. I didn't want the opponent getting into our box. I decided to go with my head. That video became viral!


Lucas Torreira to join Arsenal 

Uruguay international midfielder Lucas Torreira is joining us from Sampdoria.

The 22 year-old has just returned from representing his country at the World Cup in Russia, where he featured in all five matches as they progressed to the quarter-finals.

Head coach Unai Emery said: “In Lucas Torreira, we have signed a young player who is a very bright talent in the game. A midfielder with great quality, I have enjoyed watching his performances for Sampdoria in the past two seasons, and we all saw him do very well for Uruguay in the World Cup. He is a young player already with good experience, but who wants to keep on growing. We welcome Lucas to Arsenal and look forward to him joining us soon for pre-season.”
Starting his youth career in Uruguay with I.A 18 Julio and then Montevideo Wanderers, Lucas moved to Italy in 2013 where he joined Pescara. He made his debut there as an 19-year-old in May 2015.

In July 2015, Lucas signed for Sampdoria, but remained at Pescara for the 2015/16 season to gain further first-team experience, making 29 appearances during the campaign.
He returned to Sampdoria before the 2016/17 season and during his time with ‘La Samp’ made 71 appearances, becoming a first-team regular and an integral part of the side.
Lucas, who will wear the number 11 shirt, has been at the club for a medical and will now have a post-World Cup break and join up with the squad in early August.

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