Parris - Fleeting and Henry were my idols

There is one Arsenal game that sticks in Nikita Parris' memory more than any other.

Our new signing was only 10 years old when we faced Charlton in the 2004 Women's FA Cup final at Loftus Road, and she remembers being absolutely mesmerised by our legendary forward, Julie Fleeting.

"It was her goalscoring," Parris told Arsenal Media. "Every time I watched her play, she would score two or three goals, like she did in that game. At times, Fleeting would be out of the game for 70 minutes but you always knew that she was going to deliver and she always did.

"As a striker, as a forward, you want to be scoring goals and the different ways she scored with heading, shooting and volleys, you want to take that on board. Her and Thierry Henry were my role models growing up."

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