Ox - What I remember from my last visit to China

For many of our squad this will be the first time they’ve represented the club in China.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is one of a select few for whom that will not be the case - and having experienced it before, Alex admitted that Chinese culture really caught his attention.

“I remember the fans were amazing,” Alex told Arsenal Player.” I think the fans all over Asia give us a really good welcome and China was no different to that. We had amazing support out there. 

“We did some really interesting things, I did a bit of - I don’t know what martial arts it was -  and just the whole culture in general was really interesting to see and it was good fun. 

“I think we played Man City out there in the Birds Nest and I remember there was a big storm on the day so that was an interesting game. The whole experience was good but the weather was very hot and sticky, I remember that.”

“Tours are massive, any time with your teammates is valuable and you know, you bond with them. When you’re very far away from home in a different environment, different culture, I think you all learn and see different things together at the same time and it’s a fun time.”

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