‘The optimism has returned to Brazil now’

The last time Brazil won the World Cup, Gilberto was a key member of their squad.

In fact, our former midfielder played every minute of the 2002 tournament, providing an effective shield in front of the Selecao’s back four to help his country to a fifth title.

Four years ago, hopes were high of Brazil lifting the trophy again, this time on home soil. A demoralising 7-1 defeat to Germany in the semi-final prevented that, but Gilberto is confident that his countrymen have recovered from that result.

“Now I can say that most people are very optimistic in terms of the team after 2014 back home, which was a big tragedy for us,” Gilberto told Arsenal Player. “I think this happened because everyone got together, they blended together again with the new manager and they found a way to make things work. We have a better chemistry between the players and the way that they want to play. 

“To play the Brazilian game we cannot play the European game, the English game, the Italian game or the German game, we have to play the Brazilian game. This is how we were born to play the beautiful game, but with responsibility. 

“The good thing about these players playing in Europe, for example in 2002 it was important to have these players play abroad because they play against the top players in the world, so it’s important for them as an individual and as a team. It’s about having an understanding to see who they are going to play against, how they are going to play and learning the process of playing in Europe. 

“Apart from that, you have the responsibility to play the Brazilian game. I want them to play and this is what we want them to play. Don’t lose our way and the sense of our game, but of course with responsibility.”

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