Wenger - We just want correct decisions

Arsene Wenger hopes the introduction of goal-line technology will help eliminate some of football’s worst injustices.

The Premier League has announced that it will introduce the Hawk-Eye system at the start of next season, but Uefa says it is too expensive for the Champions League.

 Wenger is frustrated by this stance and says the use of video will help to eradicate some of those decisions caused by human error.

“The controversy is not good for football,” he said. “What is good for football is the right decisions.

“We all accept that if we play against a team that is better and we lose, then 'congratulations, bye bye' - but it is frustrating to lose against a team when you know it's just down to the decision of the referee.

“For example in the first Paris St-Germain against Barcelona game, they score a goal that is two metres offside. You have a guy behind the goal line and he doesn't say it is offside.

“You can go through all the games [and see] there are major decisions that have gone wrong. We can say 'yes, that's part of the game', or we can say 'let's try to improve it'. I am more willing to try to improve it and the technology can help.”

Uefa is set to continue with two extra officials behind the goals rather than introduce video technology, but Wenger says this is not a perfect solution.


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“The least you can say is that it is not convincing,” he said. “I can show you an incident when we played against Bayern Munich where the defender kicks the ball out in the corner, in front of the [extra] referee.

“The linesman gives a goal kick, the guy who is behind the line says nothing at all and he lets him give a goal kick. It is difficult to understand what is the part of their contribution.”

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