Wenger - Team achievement more important

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Arsene Wenger believes the achievements of a team should be given more recognition than any individual.

Cristiano Ronaldo claimed the prestigious FIFA 2013 Ballon D'Or on Monday, beating Lionel Messi and Frank Ribery to the award.

But Wenger insists Bayern Munich's triumphs last year will remain in his memory for longer than Ronaldo's efforts.

"I came out many times to say that I am against the Ballon D'Or because we are in a team sport," Wenger told the official matchday programme. "I would rather vote for the team of the year, the team who leaves a print in your mind.

"The team of the year last year was Bayern Munich because they won, in a convincing way, every single trophy that was winnable.

Matchday programme

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"That's why for me, in 2013, I keep more Bayern Munich in my mind than any individual player.

"The Ballon D'Or shows that it's only been voted on individual achievement, not on team achievement. If you consider the individual plus team achievement, it would have been Ribery.

"If you consider only the individual achievement, the 59 goals that Ronaldo has scored, of course it is Ronaldo."

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