Wenger on team talks, Jack and AGM

Arsène Wenger
Arsene Wenger

Arsène Wenger faced the media ahead of the Premier League clash with Norwich City. Here's our round-up of the manager's quotes. For the headlines, visit our Digest page:

on Jack Wilshere…
I haven't spoken with him because we came back yesterday [Thursday] morning and I was at a game yesterday and couldn't turn up here. Jack is a fighter, he is very strong and he has his feet on the ground. He has a very objective assessment of his performances after the games and I don't think he will be carried away or put down by the media.

on his future...
I didn't deny that [a contract has been discussed]. I believe that when you are a manager at a club, you have to prepare for the long-term always and act like you would stay forever.

on the AGM…
You know that the situation at the AGM is always linked with the recent results of the team and the position of the team. The atmosphere is linked with that because the level of anxiety when the team doesn't do well is very high, so it is a bit more controversial. Yesterday was quieter because we are in a more positive situation in the league and our recent results have been good.

on half-time team talks...
I have been aggressive at half-time, yes, but you have to adapt to the culture of your team. When you go to Japan, you have to be cautious, because what looks normal in an English dressing room, suddenly looks completely shocking in a Japanese dressing room. You adapt to the culture of where you are, but sometimes you can say one word stronger and that is not politically correct, and that can happen to any manager.

on the scrutiny...
The problem is that… people always want more and the cameras are everywhere. We would like to have a bit more confidentiality because we know we are a bit in danger in these situations. I can go out of a game and we have a penalty turned down in the last minute and you can go overboard in the corridor with the fourth official, and you wouldn't like a camera to be there. The demand to see more is always bigger, but who pays the price? Sometimes it is the manager.

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