Wenger - Jack’s desire makes him special

Arsene Wenger believes Jack Wilshere’s commitment and desire are the key ingredients that make him a special talent.

The Arsenal midfielder put in another superb showing on Wednesday night as England beat Brazil 2-1 at Wembley.

Some have expressed concerns about the full-blooded nature of the 21-year-old’s performances, but Wenger insists it is not a problem.

“You make your career and you are a bit special [because of] your qualities and that is one of the qualities Jack has: that commitment, that desire to win,” the manager said.

"You can only be a great player if you respect who you really are"

Arsene Wenger

“You should not take that off him because he would not be the same player anymore. You can only be a great player if you respect who you really are and that is what makes him special.

“The influence he has today on the England national team already is absolutely fantastic - let's just hope that he does not have anymore injury problems in the near future. I believe he can handle all the rest.

“He is fit on the ground, he loves football, he loves to play and he loves to improve so that is very good news for England.

“The most important thing for me will be to keep his passion for the game, and keep the attitude of wanting to become a better player.

“If he keeps these two ingredients - which is not always easy - he can become a fantastic player. He already is one, but he can become one of the best in the world.”


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