Press Conference: Goal-line technology

Arsène Wenger press conference

Arsene Wenger spoke to the media on Friday ahead of the Tottenham game. Here are some extra quotes from his press conference:

on goal-line technology…I’m very happy if it happens. It will be very interesting. Will it stop there or not? That’s the only question mark you have but I’m very happy if it comes in.


Press conference

 on whether Bale should play abroad...No. Everyone wants to come to England so I don't see why the players here should have to go abroad. We have the best League in the world. All the players who have gone abroad, when I speak to them, they want to come back.

on facing Emmanuel Adebayor...We take everybody seriously, Adebayor is a good player. We will take him very seriously. I don't know [what is wrong] - it is always a difficult season when players go to the Africa Cup of Nations. When they have to go and after when they come back it is always a difficult time.

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