Gourmet Gunners: Bacary Sagna

Ever wondered where footballers get all their energy from and how they stay fit and healthy? Takeaways may be off the menu but, as he tells the Official Arsenal Magazine, defender Bacary Sagna still likes a few treats… as long as there aren’t any squishy tomatoes!

What would you say is your favourite food?
My favourite food is Lebanese cuisine.

What is your favourite restaurant – either to visit regularly or as a treat?
Gilgamesh, in Camden – it’s a pan-Asian restaurant.

What is the first thing you’ll look for on a menu?
The sushi and the duck rolls!

Tell us the perfect people for you to go to a restaurant with.
A meal with my wife is always lovely.

What’s the main cuisine in Senegal?
In Senegal, where my family are from, people eat rice with different sauces.

What do you like to eat for breakfast?
Cereal and French toast.

...and a late night snack?
I like a little bit of caramel popcorn!

Did you have school dinners?
I used to eat in the dormitory – it was provided by the school.

Did you like them?
It was nice to share the time with my friends – we used to train all day so we enjoyed catching up properly. But it wasn’t for long enough!

How do you like to eat your eggs?
Fried on one side, definitely.

What do you like on toast?
Salted butter and honey.

What are your favourite three vegetables?
Lettuce, cucumber and fresh tomatoes – the latter needs to be just a little bit hard, and definitely not squishy!

What’s your favourite cold drink?
It’s Sprite for me.

...and hot drink?
Nothing beats a mug of hot chocolate.

What’s your secret vice?
Apple crumble – I make it myself and love it!

Tell us what you have for Christmas dinner?
Turkey with mushrooms, chestnuts and potatoes.

What dish is your wife best at cooking?
Potato gratin – it’s great.

Finally, when you go for lunch at the training ground, tell us three things you hope will be on the menu that day.
Chicken breast, potatoes, and bread & butter pudding for dessert!

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