FREE VIDEO: Arsenal's two 'Door Gods'

During Chinese New Year, people have a custom in which they change their couplets and 'Door God' poster on their front door. They use couplets to express their expectations and wishes for the new year.

In Chinese culture, the legend of the Door God dates back to the Tang Dynasty (around 1,400 years ago), when people attached famous paintings of generals to their front door. They believe these Door Gods can keep evil spirits from entering.

As football is so popular in China, people began to call world-class goalkeepers 'Door Gods' because they also protect the goal and keep the whole team safe.

In this video, Wojciech Szczesny and Vito Mannone attached the couplets to the goalposts. In the couplets, there are Chinese poems meaning, 'Time for another year and God bless Arsenal will be champions; the spring is back again and fortune will fill our door'.

Szczesny and Mannone also hold the Door God poster to greet the new year, which says in Chinese, 'We're the Door Gods, Happy Chinese New Year!'

The poster is designed by a Chinese fan who drew Wojciech wearing ancient Chinese armour as the Door God.

Chinese fans feel surprised about this idea, and they are discussing how to translate the poems in couplets in English on Weibo (the Chinese vesrion of Twitter).

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