Fans unite in support of Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott
Theo Walcott

The Arsenal squad, former Gunners and supporters around the world have united to show their support for Theo Walcott.

It was announced on Monday evening that the forward will be out for at least six months after he ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee in Saturday's FA Cup victory against Tottenham.

We invited Arsenal fans to send their messages of support on Twitter using the hashtag #GetWellSoonTheo and were inundated with tweets from across the globe.

Scroll down this page to read a selection of your messages and thanks to everyone who has been in touch.

@Podolski10 Such a bad luck for Theo and the whole team! All the best for you to come back soon!! #getwellsoon…

@mark1982arsenal This is when us Gooners must & will stick together & win the league for Theo. He will get a winners medal!

@sodiqoduye Feeling so sorry for theo Walcott, u are a fighter get well soon brother

@JackWilshere Thoughts with Theo! He will be missed by all especially the fans! But he will be back stronger!

@yazan_3moury so gutted for Theo,but i know he will bounce back better and stronger.

@Richard_Griggs Gutted for Theo not just for @Arsenal but England too hopefully you will come back better than ever for next season

@Jackel_Ramzilla Remember how strongly Robert Pires came back after his knee injury in 2002? You can do it too Theo.

@m8arteta So sad for #Walcott , i know what is like! We will support you till u get back! U will be badly missed!

@Da_KenyanGooner Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, greater and bolder in your case faster!

@AdrianPocci Keep the faith, we will miss you ! Hope you will come back stronger, again.

@DeeAFC One of the nicest guys in football.. come back stronger.

@KieranGibbs Gutted for Theo...get well soon mate. #AFC

@stueariss Absolutely gutting news for Theo. He's been immense since he came back and a proper Arsenal man. Come back stronger!

@dunkin_kolber Shame to watch Walcott get hurt... Wishing him a safe and speedy recovery

@bendtnerb52 I am so sorry to hear about theos injury. He will be a massiv lost for the rest of the season. I wish him a speedy recovery and best of luck

@S_27x you've been amazing since you've come back, such a shame you are out for some time :(. Can't wait to see you back

@AaronRamsey Gutted for Theo, he'll come back stronger after this. Been fantastic for us so far this season. Have a speedy recovery mate

@Armstiie Sad but you will beat the odds to come back stronger and better

@NidalTashkandy its so hard to get injured at this time but you'll prove how strong and ambitious you are. Don't let us wait for long.

@martinkeown5 Shocking news for Theo Walcott, devastated for him. Hope he comes back stronger, he'll have a great medical team around him. Big loss.

@Goonnerboy You will be up and running again.Opponents will fear your pace and finishing and we will rejoice while you are at it.

@Hassam_Qureshi Hope to see you soon theo and good luck with the recovery :), Hopefully the team will strive even harder for success.

@RealRomfordPele Massive shock Theo out for 6 months. Thoughts out to him missing 2nd part of the season and the World Cup. #nightmare

@eloy345 you're the greatest and I'm sure you'll come back stronger

@tHighburyGunner All our thoughts and hearts are with you mate!

@Misaac31 we support you Theo! We'll miss you a lot. Recover as soon as possible!

@AndrewHopkins15 I wish you luck with you recovery Theo and hope to see you better than ever soon

@TomislavKuvek We know you will come back stronger then ever!

@ianmuhd the harder you fall, the stronger you become. Stay strong!

@itsmrmassacreGet well soon Theo, @Arsenal will win a trophy for ya to make it all better

@midasnonso Your injury won't push your spirit down, it will Spur u to bringing out the best in you.I see huge potentials all around U

@phonghoang_iam These things only happen to those who can overcome and come back stronger

@gooner_CN_10 It's definitely hard to miss out on action, but, If there is anyone theo can take inspiration from, it is @piresrobert7 .

@IGetItFast Wishing Theo a speedy recovery! Been a shining light for the team recently!

@Kha_d Keep the spirit Theo

@charlielemay Theooooo, Theoooo, Therooooooo Gooner family are behind you

@LJSFrulli Hopefully your lightning pace will ensure a speedy recovery!

@JC1993_ Head up buddy, you'll be back before you know it, speedy recovery.

@Hassam_Qureshi Hope to see you soon theo and good luck with the recovery :), Hopefully the team will strive even harder for success.

@Wenger33179 Stay strong. Don't let frustration get to you. Take care of your knees. And we'll see those blitzing runs soon.

@cleecy You're simply a fantastic player and it's a shame you're back out! You'll be back in no time

@zemanpavel I'm sure,you'll be back in @Arsenal shirt soon and even stronger as your mates Aaron,Jack and Tomas after their injuries

@smiller581110 Theo, 6 months will fly by and you will come back better and faster than ever before...mark my words :-)


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