'You can't question my love or loyalty'

Arsene Wenger fielded a number of questions about his future when he faced the media after Sunday’s game against Everton.

Read on for a selection of quotes from the press conference:

on why he didn’t join in the lap of appreciation…The players have been disturbed enough. I was out there to show respect but I wanted the players to have the quiet lap of honour that they deserved.

on whether that means he’s said farewell to the fans…No, not at all.

on whether the current environment is the most difficult he’s encountered at the club…I don’t know. It has been difficult, yes. Certainly my personal situation has contributed to that. But you should not question, I am professional. As long as I am somewhere, I do my job until the last day. You could not question my love or my loyalty to this club because I said no to every club in the world to stay here.

on whether he thinks his future should have been sorted sooner…You have been at the games and you cannot say that the environment for the players was especially positive.

on the importance of having clarity on his future soon and if it’s a regret that the clarity hasn’t been there…No, because if I stop one day, I will still work until the last day of the season. I think you have to accept that everywhere. I left in some other places when I was at the end of a contract. I still worked with the same commitment until the last day of my contract.


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