'Alexis finds a way to be dangerous'

Alexis was relatively quiet in the first half of our Emirates FA Cup semi-final - but he came alive when it mattered.

The Chilean was the quickest to react when Danny Welbeck couldn’t get a decent connection on Laurent Koscielny’s header, slamming the ball into the net from close range for our extra-time winner.

Alexis came out of his shell in the sunshine at Wembley and Arsene Wenger says that it's something of a trait for our top scorer.

“It’s strange because I feel that he always grows during the game,” said the boss. “The difficulty of the game always makes him more focused.

“He starts sometimes and has problems to get into the game and during the game he becomes stronger and stronger and more determined. He has the individual quality to make the difference.

“I think he adapts to the difficulty. He tests and he finds the way himself during the game to become dangerous.

“He has been remarkably efficient,” added Wenger. “I felt that he had a very good spell when he played up front. When he plays on the flank, he’s more a provider than a goalscorer. At the moment he plays in a mixed role between the flank and the middle. He can always turn up with something special in the game.”


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