’I know this will make me stronger’

Last Monday was tough to take for everyone involved with the club - fans, players and staff.

The defeat at Crystal Palace means our last eight Premier League games have yielded only seven points.

Hector Bellerin admits that run of form is “nothing I’ve experienced before” at Arsenal, but the full back says he is determined to learn from it and become stronger.

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“In other seasons, we’ve gone through bad patches, but probably not as bad as in this one,” he told Arsenal Player. “You need to learn to deal with people saying bad things about you and you need to learn to deal with stuff that’s not happened before.

“It will make me stronger, that’s how I see it. Some people can be destroyed or collapse but I think I and everyone at the club needs to look at it positively.

“We just need to do our job on the pitch. We know that fans are angry, we know that people want results because we’re Arsenal and that’s what’s expected from us.

“But it’s been a long time that we went through a patch like this so we need to make sure that we recover from it. Trust me, we’re trying as hard as we can.

“Everyone is training hard but sometimes when things don’t go your way, it just doesn’t happen for you. There’s a lot of doubt, we’re not as confident as before but we just need to get ourselves together.

“It’s important that everyone at the club unites - the players, the fans, everyone outside. We have to be as one together because if we’re not, people are trying to divide us and that’s what’s going to make us break.

“We just need to be together and then if we want to push forward, that’s the only way.”

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