‘Uefa could be sued by TV companies’

This season’s Champions League last-16 ties have been packed full of goals, late twists and drama - plus the occasional controversial decision.

Arsène Wenger watched Barcelona complete a remarkable turnaround to knock Paris Saint-Germain out on Wednesday night - and the boss feels the game’s governing bodies must now bring in video technology to help match officials make decisions.

“I'm believing that in the next five years if Uefa does not bring video in they could face legal action from television or from fans because they refuse to progress for the right decisions,” Wenger said.

“The fans and television companies pay a lot of money and they spoil the package because they don't do the maximum to give a fair spectacle.

“If they don't go further, that is what will happen because we live in a society that is legalist and what people pay is more and more, if Uefa and Fifa don't take that step to go for more justice, they can't offer what we saw for us against Bayern or the night after, it’s indefensible.”