Wenger - Why Chelsea are the favourites

As we approach the midway point of the Premier League season, Arsene Wenger is certainly not giving up hope of winning the title - but he says Chelsea are “super-favourites”.

The Gunners beat Antonio Conte’s side 3-0 at Emirates Stadium on September 24, but since then the Blues have gone on to record 12 straight top-flight victories.

Wenger is sure that they can still be caught, but says that the west Londoners are in a strong position to lift the title this term.

“At the moment Chelsea is the super-favourite because they are quite big and made a big difference. But it is theirs to lose as we say here in England,” the Arsenal manager said.

“They can still lose it, at the moment they have won it but they can still lose it. It’s still a long way to go and very difficult for everybody so the head-to-head games [between the biggest teams] will have a vital importance.

“Chelsea have addressed their problems well. You have to give credit to Conte for finding a solution that has balanced well his team. They bought David Luiz who stabilised their defensive record and I think overall they are the team that has been the most consistent until now.


“They had a little bit of a dodgy start to the season, but since they’ve changed their system they are on a run where confidence plays a big part. If they do [beat Arsenal’s record of 14 straight Premier League wins], you can only say ‘well done’.

“Records are there to be beaten and if somebody does better than you, you have to acknowledge it and say ‘well done’.”


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