‘My Christmas present is football'

Arsène Wenger’s Christmas holidays have been disrupted by football for the past 20 years, but you won’t hear him complaining about it.

The manager and his family have had to adapt to the English football calendar since he arrived at Arsenal in 1996 but Wenger wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

“It’s where I want to be,” he told Arsenal Player. “The Christmas period is a present period and for me my present is to be in football.

“That’s what I wanted in my life, so I personally am on a permanent Christmas! Apart from the results when they don’t go well, the rest is happiness to be where I wanted to spend my life.


“Unfortunately the families have always suffered from my passion but we try to compensate outside of the games, but I believe as well we are in such a privileged position because you can give some happiness to people who love the game.

“I feel always that families who are together at Christmas - that’s not happening a lot during the year when the families aren’t together - and for them to enjoy a game of their favourite club over the Christmas period is the least we can do.”


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