Walcott sets record in Betfair challenge

Betfair, the club’s official betting partner, recently set four players their ‘Cash Out Ultimate Control Challenge’.

Francis Coquelin, Laurent Koscielny, Nacho Monreal and Theo Walcott all attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the highest altitude for a football to be dropped and controlled.

The height to beat was 32 metres, equivalent to five two-story houses, and to register a successful attempt, the players had to control the ball by keeping it off the ground for five touches.

Theo was the first person to officially beat the 32 metre record, with an attempt at 33m.

He then went on to break the record again as he cushioned the ball down from 34m to set a new world record.

Harry Phillips, Betfair Spokesman, said: "Cash Out puts the customer in control and we wanted to set the Arsenal players challenge to test just how good their control is. What better way to do that than setting a new Guiness World Record."

"It was great to see the players getting stuck in to the challenge and showing off some incredible skills. I wasn’t sure whether it would be possible when I saw the height but Theo made it look easy."