'We’re in a jungle… we must survive'

Seven wins in a row. Nine wins in 10 games. One defeat in seven months.

However you carve up our form, it makes for pleasant reading. So much so that it’s tempting to think that the “virus of negativity” that Arsene Wenger referenced last week has been overcome.

Not so. The manager knows how fragile form and confidence can be, and he has urged the team to be on its guard in the “jungle” of the Premier League.

“Nothing is gone, in our game you have to accept that,” said Wenger.

“I believe that humility is to understand that you start again from zero and that you are in a jungle. We live in a jungle where everybody wants to eat you, and you have to survive by keeping your vigilance. That’s what competition is about. Every day you have to fight again to survive.

“The love to win and the competitiveness of the Premier League is very exciting. We are all in that [jungle] together.”

Things are going smoothly away from the Premier League too. Our 6-0 win over Ludogorets was notable for the game’s possession stats, which showed the Bulgarian side enjoy 57 per cent of the ball only to be hit time and again on the break.

“We have been clinical on the counter-attack,” said Wenger.

“You always have to look at the history of the game. We had quite a good amount of possession in the first half, and when a team is 3-0 down in the second half, they try to come out and open spaces for you to be clinical on the counter-attack.

“The game is decided by that point a little bit, and so is the possession and goalscoring opportunities for us.”


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