'He sees things that other people don't'

Unearthing gems has long been one of Arsene Wenger’s greatest qualities.

It’s a view shared by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who has seen at first hand the boss’ keen eye for a bringing through the next rising star.

“I’ve seen a lot of players over my time here which have come in and he’s given them a big opportunity early on,” the England international told Arsenal Player. “They may not have been performing in training for example, but he always saw something in them and lo and behold, a year later they’re a great player.

“For example, Alex Iwobi. When he started training with us, all the rest of the boys started going back over to the youth team, but Alex would stay and stay and stay and the boss could always see that he was going to be the one who could step up.


Arsene Wenger and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


 “And now you look at the way Alex is playing, with his confidence, and with his ability, it’s great to see and just proves the boss has a certain eye for seeing things that I don’t think other people see.

“[Wenger is] very humble, quiet at times, he thinks a lot, doesn’t always say a lot unless he has to, but he carries that presence about him. His football knowledge and generally his knowledge on life and the stuff he comes out with and says to us [shows] he’s a very intelligent man, very clever and I think he’s different in his thinking.”


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