Wenger on Vardy, Mahrez and Leicester

Read on for more quotes from Thursday’s press conference as Arsene Wenger discusses Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and Leicester City:

on whether Leicester will be different…
The challenge will be exactly the same. They have the exactly the same qualities they had last year and they are team who are very quick on the break and defend well as a unit. We have to address our defensive weaknesses from last week without compromising our style of play. We need to continue being very dangerous going forward and accept the way we play.

on how life will be different for Leicester as champions…
The challenge for them is to do well again and to show that their last year was not a one-off. They need to be capable of challenging and will need to be to show if they can be considered as one of the top teams in England.

 on what happens if Vardy scores against Arsenal…

I don’t know. I don’t think he has something special against us, I don’t see why he would.

on whether Jamie Vardy gave a reason for not joining Arsenal…
No. Look, you have to respect the decisions of people and that’s part of it and I think in every transfer market you have one or two who have decisions to make and you have to respect them.

on whether Leicester can finish in the top four…
Why not? At the moment I am not concerned about that too much, I am more focused on us responding well to Sunday’s defeat. Despite the game on Sunday, there are many positive aspects in our game that we want to keep for our next game.


on Riyad Mahrez’s performances last season…
He has been outstanding. If you look at his numbers, certainly he was in the top three in the league last year. If you consider the number of goals and assists he had, he had the best combination in the league.


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